Essential Oils Set of 6


Explore the many fragrant, healing qualities provided by Nature with ArtNaturals pure, therapeutic-grade Top 6 Essential Oil Set, which includes Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Tea Tree oils.




Essential Oils -Set of 6

Renowned for therapeutic properties, these oils can help enhance wellness, purify home or office, and inspire positive attitudes. Nature has endless abilities to heal—and now artnaturals has packaged six of the most useful natural oils for you to use in a multitude of ways. Set the mood in your household or office space, kill germs, promote better sleep and breathe easier with these 100-percent pure essential oils. Use in a standard or our Bluetooth Oil Diffuser, or add a few drops to our Volcano Humidifier to instantly transform your home, office, or workout space into an aromatherapy sanctuary. Aromatherapy and the medicinal use of plants have been recorded for more than 5,500 years, and researchers and archeologists have documented plant remains in burial sites dating back 10,500 years. But it wasn’t until the development of the still and steam-distillation processes (approximately 980-1036 CE) when the discovery and extraction of essential oils became common. By the 13th century, the process was refined, and essential oils gained popularity throughout Europe. Interestingly, those who worked around such oils, including physicians, perfumers and glove-makers, are recorded as having stayed healthy during the plagues and other diseases rampant during the medieval period. Using what Mother Nature has to offer is deeply beneficial—naturally.



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