Salt Lamps

Salt lamps and Candle holders

Natural crystal salt lamps and candle holders have a visual charm and create ambiance in your home.

Not only is the light of a natural salt lamp soothing, but they give the freshness you experience after a thunderstorm.

Although the crystal salts and ions are odourless, you can feel the difference breathing the energised air.

Salt lamps can be used anywhere, but are recommended for smelly and smoky areas, pet areas, bedrooms,
and around computers, TVs and electrical equipment.

Meditation areas, Yoga centres, spas and massage centres are all great places to use salt lamps and candle holders

Benefits of Salt

Salt is an integral and natural part of all our body’s functions.  Each of our cells has salt present at the same ratio as the ocean, from which all like arose.

All mammals need salt.  The trails of large animals walking in wilderness between salt lakes were followed by pioneers in Europe and America.  Surprisingly the locations of many of the world’s highways and cities are based by the need for salt.

Until the advent of canning and then refrigeration salt was vital for preservation of all types of food and was a major part of the world trade – civilisation depended on the salt trade.

Most people sleep best by the beach.  Many appreciate the freshness and ionisation of air that a small level of salt can bring.  Natural salt products also freshen and improve air quality and many see them as a great antidote for improving the atmosphere of a home, by reducing the proportion of positively charge ions.  People suffering from allergies, asthma and respiratory complaints have gained relief.

Safety and Care

Salt crystal absorbs moisture.  This can run off as salty water.  Lamps should therefore be used indoor and never placed on electrical appliances, such as TVs and speakers.  Turing them on removes moisture and use of 30 min each day will stop moisture build-up.  When not in use, seal lamp in plastic bag or store in a dry place.  To clean just dry dust them or wipe with a damp cloth.

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