Clearing Crystals

Crystals and healing stones need to be cleared as soon as they are purchased. Crystals should always be cleared before and after using them for healing. After some time your crystals accumulate negative energy, they simply no longer feel right, they have a feeling of being dull and heavy and appear cloudy. The clearer the energy of any crystal the more powerful it is. There are a number of ways to clear a crystal.

ENERGY- My favourite way of clearing is using Reiki Energy. I clear them with Love and Power. That probably does not make much sense if you are not a Reiki practitioner. If you wish to learn more or become attuned to Reiki please contact me.

MOONLIGHT- Is another of my favourites. Simply place them outside in the full moon. In reality any moon phase is OK. One needs to remember that the different phases of the moon will give different results. Waxing is for attraction, waning is used to release, to state it very simply. I find over night is usually sufficient time to clear most crystals. Remember to bring them in first thing in the morning as sunlight will fade many crystals.

SMUDGING- A quick and effective way to cleanse your crystals is to smudge them with burning sage. This is generally considered the clearing herb, although whatever works for you is usually fine. Much of the incense available today is perfect for smudging, remembering the purer the smoke the better the effect. Pass the crystal through the smoke a few times, or until it feels right, visualising any and all negativity being taken away to the Universe and purified. This is something I do after every healing.

HERBS- Place your crystals in dried herbs such as sage, rose petals, frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood. This is a gentle and effective way to clear crystals.

BURYING YOUR CRYSTALS IN MOTHER EARTH- This is especially helpful when you feel that your crystals need deep cleansing. Outdoors dig a hole large enough for your crystal, place it point down and cover with soil. The amount of time needed to clear is a personal choice, follow your heart and instinct here. Oh be sure to place a marker where you have buried the crystal, and watch out for the dog! 🙂 Unit dwellers can use soil (not potting mix) in a pot to bury your crystal.

SACRED OR VIOLET BREATH-This may not suit everyone. Visualising your breath as the sacred violet breath of St Germaine, simply blow over the crystal, blowing away any and all negativity, while asking your higher self, deity to cleanse the crystal.

RUNNING WATER- As a last resort you can simply rinse your crystals, point down under cool tap water. NEVER HOT, THIS WILL FRACTURE YOUR CRYSTALS!. Far better and most effective is to clear them in a fresh, unpolluted running stream if you can find one.

OTHER CRYSTALS- Citrine and amethyst clusters are probably the most popular to clear your crystals. Simply place your crystals on the citrine or amethyst cluster and leave them, at least overnight, I find two or more days works far better with this method. Salt is a contentious issue for clearing crystals. While I use salt in ritual to clear negative energy from spaces, I never clear my crystals in salt! They are generally not of the ocean. Salt absorbs moisture and can work its way into your crystals and cause then to fracture and discolour. To be honest the very thought of immersing my crystals in salt is anathema to me, but that’s me. Choose as you see fit.

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