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The vaporizer has been designed to operate at a low temperature, this unique design allows the vaporizer to gently vaporize the essential oils without causing any harm to them.

It avoids the use of hot oily water, eliminates volatile naked flame, messy candle wax, remains cool to touch at all times and will not overheat.

The Vaporizer is warmer enough to Vaporizers your Essential Oils but not hot enough to burn them.

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Product Features

  • Avoids the use of oily hot water
  • Eliminates the volatile naked flame
  • Only the recessed area of the vaporizer emits heat
  • Vaporizer temperature does not vary when left on 24/7
  • Operating temperature is between 70 – 80° C and is rated at 4 watts
  • Water is not required to assist vaporization
  • Safe to handle when in use
  • Remains cool to the touch
  • Will  not overheat
  • Clean & Convenient
  • Easy to maintain & use
  • One Year Guarantee on all electrical components
  • Ideal for the Home, Office, Nursing Homes and safe to use around children
  • Vaporizers dimensions height 6cm, width 12cm
  • Fully insulated internal wiring system
  • Self regulating low temperature produces subtle, effective vaporization

The self-regulating gentle vaporizing temperature of the vaporizer is warm enough to vaporize, but not hot enough to burn or harm the aromatic qualities of your precious pure essential oils or essential oil blends. This highly economical ceramic appliance provides a low cost, eco-friendly way to enjoy your favourite pure essential oils and blends. Designed to maximise the effectiveness of vaporising pure essential oil the vaporizer operates at a constant minimal temperature, allowing gentle vaporization and eliminating the need to add water.

This unique design permits only the recessed bowl of the vaporizer to emit heat, while the body remains cool to the touch at all times even when in use and electrical power is turned on. Vaporization time equates with candle burners that require both water and naked flame to operate. The vaporizer design prevents it from overheating and allows the vaporizer to operate safely when unattended for prolonged periods with or without pure essential oils, making it an ideal addition to the home, workplace, hospital or nursing home.

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Weight 1001 g

Wild Rose, Arctic White


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