Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil


Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

The Lemon Myrtle Tree (Backhousia citriodora)  leaves and oil have a distinct refreshing lemon scent from the citral terpenes in its essential oil.

Lemon Myrtle has been found to contain the highest citral purity of all citral containing essential oils, more lemon than lemons! The tree is native to Australia and grows wild and is cultivated for its leaf for tea and cooking, and for its valuable essential oil.

Uplifting lemon aroma, a wonderful, yet smooth, rich lemon smell. Pleasant for men, women and children.

Uplifting, relaxing, sedative, calming, improves concentration, anti-depressive, soothes hypertension, aids happiness, good for rest, remove bad room smells, calm noisy children. The oil is highly anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. A first aid kit in a bottle!

Perfect for use In an mist diffuser, oil burner, potpourri, massage oil, bath, vacuum cloth bag, floor washing water, dishwashing liquid.



Lemon Myrtle has been found to have the following health benefits. It is perfect for use in a mist diffuser!

Stress and Insomnia:

Due to its relaxing properties, lemon myrtle has been found to help in cases of stress and poor sleep. A cup of lemon myrtle tea before bed and/or the use of lemon myrtle oil bath salts in the bath before bed can help improve your sleep.

Sinus and Bronchitis Infection:

Lemon myrtle has been found to have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which makes it great for helping to beat Sinus and Bronchitis infections. The anti-inflammatory properties help with the inflammation of the nasal cavity and bronchial tubes and the anti-microbial properties help clear the infection so the body can heal itself.

Sore Throat

The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of lemon myrtle tea are great for treating a sore throat. A tincture can be made with some high proof alcohol, like vodka which is then gargled at the first signs of a sore throat. The alcohol is also useful for killing any bugs hiding back there as well. The tea can also be used as a gargle after it cools.

Odor Fighting Properties

The anti-microbial properties and refreshing lemon scent help get rid of bad odors on your body and in your environment. It can be used in an air freshener or the oil can be diffused or burnt to purify the air and give it a lovely lemon scent. The oil or tea can be added to sea salt and used as a gargle or body wash to help with bad breath or body odor.

Insect Bites

Lemon myrtle is useful both as a preventative and treatment for insect bites, the smell repels the bugs and the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties help with treating bites and stings.

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